Chasing waves

Norfolk, in June is normally bursting at the seams with family’s on holiday. 2020 this isn’t the case.

I headed to Cromer to meet up with my friend who is also a drone pilot to see if we could get some good images of the sunset. The wind was light, ideal conditions.

Walking onto the beach I could see that the sea was full of surfers, which surprised me as the sea looked to calm. This could be fun!

So, up we went, the setting sun was still a little to high, but I started to watch the surfers bobbing about in groups. One popped up onto a wave and a big grin hit me đŸ™‚ Now this is fun! keeping him in the frame, flying backwards, flying sideways creating the best I could first time trying.

Can’t wait for the next high tide and a swell!

(I must add that having a good spotter is always important, even more when there are so many factors to consider )

Cromer June 2020

Projects and Adventure

Flying my drone wasn’t something i took too seriously to start with. It offered me a new perspective on photography as I knew. After 8 months flying I took my CAA PfCO allowing me to fly commercially and in some amazing locations. I can honestly say that I am a drone addict now!

Exciting news
May 2020, I have been asked to become an Ambassador for “Women Who Drone“.

Women Who Drone is an online platform and community that inspires, educates and empowers women and girls with drone technology. To teach and to inspire other women and girls who want to get involved in a creative and exciting industry.